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To contact FEG about your claim for entitlements phone 1300 135 040

To contact the Liquidator

Email: employees.unified@macinsolvency.com

Phone: 02 8090 4777

(If high call volumes are experienced we will ask you to leave a message & our staff will return your call asap)

Liquidator’s Appointment

On 26/05/21 Trent McMillen of MaC Insolvency was appointed Liquidator of Unified Security Group (Australia) Pty Ltd ACN 138 976 397 (“Unified SG”).

Continued Trade & Employment

All security services have ceased and the Company no longer employs security personnel.


The Company is owed significant monies from its customers. This means at this time the Company does not have enough money at bank to pay the entitlements owed to employees.

As the Liquidator, we will pursue the monies owed to the Company. However, as this may take some months we are encouraging employees to claim their entitlements from a government scheme now, so that employees do not have to wait until the Liquidator collects sufficient monies. That is, it allows employees to get paid now.

The government scheme is known as Fair Entitlements Guarantee (“FEG”). The scheme:

  • Pays out employee entitlements, except superannuation, when the employer enters liquidation and cannot pay the employees itself;
  • Pays monies to employees in the initial weeks of the liquidation, so that employees do not have to wait until the completion of the liquidation for payment

I note it is FEG who adjudicates on your claim and pays the monies owing, not my office as Liquidator. Our role as Liquidator is to separately deal with FEG and provide information to FEG that verifies employee claims.

Are you eligible for FEG

To assess whether you are eligible for FEG, click here:

eligibility_for_feg_assistance_fact_sheet.pdf (ag.gov.au):

If you are eligible for FEG, please read on for instructions on how to make your claim on FEG.

If you are NOT eligible for FEG, please go to the section below titled “Employees Not Eligible for FEG”.

How to Claim your Entitlements from FEG

To speed up your claim, it is best to lodge your claim online.

To make your claim on FEG go to the following website, register your details, then lodge your claim online:


Once you’ve lodged your claim, you can also use the above link to return to FEG’s online services to check on the status of your claim and/or submit additional information if required.

For instructions on how to make your claim online click here How do I access FEG Online Services? (ag.gov.au)

How to Ask Questions / Seek Assistance from FEG

If you have any queries throughout the claims process, FEG can be contacted as follows:

  • By phoning 1300 135 040 (Operating hours are Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm EST).
  • By emailing feg@jobs.gov.au

Further Information relating to FEG

Liquidator’s Contact Details

Our contact details are at the top of this page.

If we experience high call volumes, we will ask you to leave a message and one of our staff will call you back.


If you are not eligible for FEG, then your only method of payment is to lodge a claim in the liquidation to receive a dividend from the Liquidator.

As stated in other communications, payment of your entitlements is unable to be made at this time and is dependent on successful litigation for the recovery of funds owed to the Company. This litigation, and the resulting payment of a dividend, is likely to take at least 12 months.

How to Lodge your Claim with the Liquidator

We are currently calculating the entitlements owed individually to all employees. Please follow the below process to lodge your claim:

Step 1: Email employees.unified@macinsolvency.com to advise your contact details and state why you are ineligible for FEG.

Step 2: The Liquidator will reply setting out your individual entitlements owed to you and will also provide a form for you to lodge your claim. We are attempting to have all entitlements verified by 30 June

Step 3: Complete the claim form and return it to us by email.

Throughout the liquidation we will update employees on the status of the recovery of monies and payment of a dividend.


Claims for superannuation are made by the Australian Taxation Office, not the employee.

The ATO will make a claim for all unpaid superannuation. When a dividend is paid by the Liquidator, the superannuation monies are paid to the ATO. The ATO then forwards payments to the relevant superannuation funds of all employees.

Do not claim for superannuation in your claim form.

Who is MaC Insolvency

We are a specialist insolvency and business turnaround services firm. Every day we meet the needs of businesses in financial distress.

The Liquidator appointed to this matter is Trent McMillen, who has been practising in insolvency and business turnaround for in excess of 20 years across a wide range of industries. Trent is:

  • A Registered Liquidator licensed by ASIC
  • a Fellow of CPA Australia
  • a Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Professional of ARITA
  • the Managing Director of MaC Insolvency

Trent and his team are available to assist you throughout the liquidation process.